Acorn Care Ltd Testimonial

Acorn Care Limited Testimonial

"Andy was employed by Acorn Care Ltd to provide architectural services to develop a hospital for adults with learning disabilities having secure, forensic needs. This required a high degree of skill and understanding beyond the normal. Not only did we need to be aware of the comfort of the individuals in our care but also their security and that of the staff and the wider community.

Andy was able to bring a considerable amount of skill to the design and safety features of the build, including our requirement for facilities which were not only secure but also user-friendly and able to amalgamate that security with creating a homely environment. We had additional needs to offer some facilities for individuals with physical challenges as well as their learning disability and with his past experience, he was able to find solutions to practical problems of building a secure environment for individuals detained under the Mental Health Act as well as those of physical infirmity.

As a result, we developed a complex where individuals could feel both secure and as much at home as is possible in an institutional environment.

We were extremely pleased with Andy and his team's responsiveness, their willingness to engage with staff, learning about the needs of our clients and of the staff themselves. He was available for consultation along the way and alerted us on several occasions when the building contractor appeared to be cutting corners or had made an error.

Following completion of the project, we would have had no hesitation in using Andy's services again had the need arisen. In fact, we did consult him on another new build project which did not, in the end, go ahead for purely operational reasons". - Kevin Tunnicliffe, Lighthouse Healthcare (formerly Acorn Care)

I have no hesitation in commending him for his knowledge in general and his expertise and experience in learning disabilities and physical handicap in particular."